Double-Boost Your Finals Motivation!

Finals are around the corner.

Finals, finals, finals - a word we just can’t get off our minds around this time. They make us stressed out, and above all things, unmotivated. Roommates don’t take the same classes as we do and are filled with other schedules. Classmates? Most of them we barely know well. Boyfriends and girlfriends probably live in another academic dimension...We end up turning to the lonely selves tucked up in library chairs.

Going to paid writing camps sounds like a solution, where you pay to guarantee you show up and work hard, and get back your money if you record full attendance. But why the trouble if you can get yourself available friends and like-minded people to create your own Finals Camp? With DoubleDouble, invite your friend and get a match with another friend pair around your location, and start chatting and organizing your schedule for the finals! Full motivation and no awkwardness guaranteed.

Happy double-doubling!

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