Working Out Twice A Day: Should You Do It?

Working out twice in one day, or doing “two-a-days”, is a workout trend that has gained in popularity since the workout world discovered that the body’s testosterone levels were shot after only an hour of exercise. Instead of going to the gym for hours on end, gym rats started to train at two different gym sessions during the day.

The extra energy that these gym goers had for their second workout of the day quickly diminished, however. By doing resistance training twice in day, or by working out the same muscle groups over and over without rest, many started to overtrain.

Because of this, two-a-days got a bad wrap. However, when this workout regiment is conducted in the right manner with adequate rest, it is not only safe but beneficial to workout twice a day!

By working out twice, protein synthesis and other anabolic systems in your body are activated more often. By having two post-workout meals, you can start to see your gains skyrocket.

You will also find yourself able to train with more intensity. This is because the body will adapt to the amount of energy needed to sustain another workout, and this extra energy can be felt throughout the day.

Lastly, the body actually loses more fat while doing two-a-days! The body is in catabolism after working out, breaking down molecules to create energy This continues to last after your workout. By activating a catabolic response twice in one day, that extra flab can be gone in no time!

Just because there are potential health benefits to working out twice in one day, that doesn’t take away from their potential risk. Too much resistance training can put too much strain on the body; overtraining is not healthy or safe, and needs to be treated carefully

Need to lose a couple pounds for winter break? Just put in some extra work in the gym! Just listen to your body; muscles need their rest, too.