A True Story: Based On Potentially-Possible Events

        Jay woke up in his dorm at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for classes. Going through his e-mails and texts, looking at notifications on his laptop, he opened up Tidal to stream some music. “Gotta start the day off right” he said to himself. When he opened up the app, he saw a banner that there were tickets left to see Jay-Z’s hit 4:44 tour, still. He gets up with a bit more energy now, scheming with ideas. Getting ready for the day; brushing his teeth in one hand, texting his buddy Greg with the other hand.

“Dude, Jay-Z is playing at the Viejas Arena tomorrow night at 7:30! You trying to go?” he texts Greg.

“Yo for real? I’m down. How much are the tickets?” he replies.

“$75 apiece. I got you though.”

“Yo, seeing your boy Jay tomorrow with my boy Jay. Bet.”

“I’ll see you at class later, bet.”



        Jay goes to his Calculus class and sits next to his buddy Greg. Throughout, they’re trying to plan what the plan is for the concert. They both thought Jay-Z was going to retire after Magna Carta so they’re both excited to see Jay-Z perform his new album.


“Don’t even worry. Let’s meet up at around 2:00 p.m. after class tomorrow and go from there. We’ll chill at my apartment, the arena is just across from my building.” Greg says.

“Bet. See you then.” Jay responds.


        The following day, they both get out of class and meet up at Greg’s apartment. They had been texting their friends all day and inviting people over to Greg’s to stop by at around 3:00 p.m. Their friend Ashley and Suzy stopped by around then, and realized they were the only ones to show up.

“Let me see what my friends Lindsay and Samantha are up to.” Ashley says.


Ashley gets a text back from her friend Sam minutes later. Lindsay and Samantha go to school at UCSD.


“We’re looking to do something fun, we’ve been bored all day! What are you girls up to?” Sam texts back.

“Come over to my friend Greg’s! I’m with Suzy, and Greg’s friend Jay. We’re over by SDSU, going to see Jay-Z’s concert in a bit!” she replies.


        Lindsay and Samantha arrive to Greg’s apartment and brought two of their friends, Steve & Jason who are in town from NYU. Ashley introduces Greg and Jay to her girlfriends, and Samantha introduces everyone to the guys she brought. Jay recognizes Steve.

“Yo Steven! How are you here bro!?” Jay says excitedly.

Jay and Steve grew up together in New York, and lost touch after middle school, when Jay moved to California with his parents.

“This is crazy! Jay, we matched with Ashley and Lindsay on this app. My bud Jason and I are going to see Jay-Z later and we didn’t know anyone around here, so we were looking for people to go to the show with! I can’t believe I’m here right now! Haha” Steve says to Jay.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Lindsay says.

“Me and Steve go way back! I’ve known this kid since preschool. I’ve missed this guy.” Jay responds.

        They all get acquainted and catch up. In the meantime, waiting for the show, they break some games out and kill a few hours laughing and having the time of their lives.

“I’m glad we checked out that app and found you guys! Tonight is going to be so much fun!!” Sam says.


        They order an Uber to drive them over to the concert and ride over together, carrying over the fun from Greg’s apartment. Everyone is so vibrant and excited. They get into the Arena and scan their tickets. They can hear Jay-Z coming on the stage and everyone cheering. They hear the bass from the speakers come out, and they run to their seats. They sit down, and have already had such a fun day that the concert is just background noise for them.

        Having enjoyed the show, catching up the whole time, Jay is so glad he got to catch up with his old friend.

”Hey Jay, I’ve been thinking about moving from New York after I graduate next semester. You think I could move in with you or some people you know if I do?” Steve asks.

“Dude, anything you need! Glad we ran into each other. Keep in touch brother.” He responds.


        They leave the show when it’s over and continue the party back at Greg’s. They all spend the night there, and wake up the following morning. A new day. New friendships, old friendships, and many new opportunities lay ahead for them, all possible by an app that let Sam and Lindsay search for people interested in seeing a concert, specifically, that night. Let the good times roll!



        Unfortunately, THIS STORY DIDN’T HAPPEN. Jay and Greg DID go see Jay-Z that night. They did hang out at Greg’s getting ready for the concert, and Ashley and Suzy did actually meet up with Jay and Greg, and invited Sam and Lindsay to come over. The six of them spent time at Greg’s for a little while, but the only difference….. Sam and Lindsay never downloaded the app, so they never met Jason and Steve.

        The girls got bored, because Jay and Greg were being shy and were just talking to each other the whole night, so they went to the concert by themselves. Jason and Steve were indeed in town, and did end up going to the concert. But, the groups didn’t bump into each other because their tickets weren’t in the same row, so Jay never realized that his old friend was in town.

        Jay and Greg thought they were going to have the time of their lives. Instead, they sat in their section by themselves. They listened to the music, spoke briefly in-between songs pretending they were having a better time than they really were, and parted ways after the show was over.

        Their night would’ve been so much different. The potential was there. The only thing missing, was good luck, effort to branch out, and the opportunity that a mystery app would have brought them, had Sam and Lindsay have downloaded the app. But, word never got to them, so they didn’t know it existed! Moral of the story, don’t be shy to try new things, you’ll never know how much fun you could have, and the new adventures life could bring you!


Stay tuned, and keep your ear to the ground for what this mystery app offers, and when it’s coming!