From Form to Formation; the Road to Expert Skydiving

Anyone who has been skydiving before will rant about the feeling of being “on top of the world”. With the fine-tuned equipment used to prevent a total freefall, the feeling is surreal; one feels completely immersed with nature, awestruck by both the beauty of the landscape and the incredible speed at which one free falls.

As a beginner skydiver, you are paired with an experienced employee with plenty of jumping expertise to show you the ropes and get you comfortable in the air. However, if find you love it and become a plane jumping maniac, the option to skydive without an attached partner is possible after 15 jumps.

The advanced level of skydiving is where things start to get fun for the jumper. With free reign over the jump, the participant can take things either as easily or as aggressively as they desire.

That being said, the crazy flips and spins that take up the majority of skydive montage videos require some significant effort to master; while in a free fall, it is incredibly hard to control oneself against the gusts and underdrifts present in the air. Once the parachute opens, the jumper is given full control to direct themselves to the landing site.

With more control over the parachute than in freefall, some skydivers can do some crazy feats. It is possible to spin, flip, or twist the parachute; some jumpers take this to a whole new level, and it is not uncommon to watch the occasional bout of throw up drop from a parachute high above.

At the expert level of skydiving, divers are able to jump off the plane in a succession safely. After doing this, the jumpers are coordinated enough in a free fall to assemble in different formations with one another. As shown on Youtube, skydivers have been able to form some pretty crazy formations in the air.

These advanced diving communities are pretty large, and there are usually a few in each state. These communities are also incredibly tight-knit; there must be something about holding on to one's dearest friends while in an absolute free fall that bond these jumpers into their large happy family.

Getting past those first 15 jumps is not an easy or inexpensive task; this is why there are so few skydivers at the advanced levels. However, those that do love it, and usually make it a large part of their lives.

As any skydiver will express, there are so many reasons to jump out of a plane, even if it is just once in your life. Grab a buddy and sign up; it’s definitely worth the experience!