Trick To Making Friends Abroad!

        Once upon a time, I had been travelling with a friend to Hong Kong from Tokyo. We spent a week in Japan meeting up with friends we had met on prior trips, and old friends we knew from when my friend and I had lived there. We had a lot of fun in Japan, but we were excited to go somewhere new that neither of us had been to before. So, when we got to Narita airport in Tokyo, we started to get our plans together for when we landed in Hong Kong.

        Though when we got to the ticketing booth to check in and get our tickets, we were told by the airline agent that we weren’t able to board. Apparently, it’s normal for discounted flights to require passengers to arrive at least 1 hour and 45 minutes before take-off. We were stuck in the airport. Our friends were an hour away back in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and we had a great Airbnb paid in full in Hong Kong for that night, and still had our return flight from Hong Kong available. So, we contemplated if we should just stay in Tokyo for that week instead of going to Hong Kong. But, after looking at tickets and seeing how much more money we’d lose having to get another Airbnb in Tokyo, we decided that we’d just take the ‘L’ and buy a new plane ticket to HK.

        Unfortunately, the next flight didn’t leave for nearly 10 hours later. We didn’t know anyone in the area where Narita airport is, and there isn’t much to do inside Narita airport like there is to do in some other nicer airports in the world. With a long enough layover that allowed us the time and luxury to go outside the airport and hang out, we still unfortunately didn't have enough time to go back to Minato-ku to see our friends. I wish there was a way we could have met up with people local to that area to meet up with and show us around to pass the time.

        Luckily, there’s a way now to find those potential friends and life-savers through an app called DoubleDouble. The app connects you and a friend with other friend-couples in your immediate area who are interested in doing the things you’re looking to do! The app is designed to match friend-couples with others who have similar character traits and interests, so you can feel comfortable when you meet the group you matched with, rather than going through that ‘blind-date’ phase that can be awkward when getting to know a person.


        Unlike Tinder, trying to not get 'friend-zoned', this app is designed exactly for that feared friend-zone. DoubleDouble is different in this way that it connects friends with other groups of friends to have good wholesome fun, rather than meeting up with someone you 'matched' with on Tinder or Bumblr where there are usually intentions involved that can cause users stress, wondering if the person they're matching with is normal and actually the person they say they are. DoubleDouble's platform maximizes users' safety with its foundation of having to search with another friend, whereas other apps only pair one single person with another single person. Bigger parties are more fun anyway!

        So, had my friend and I had this app when we were suffering through our grueling lay-over, perhaps we could’ve met up with some fun guys to introduce us to their favorite bar, restaurant, or even invite us to hang out with their group of friends at their house, or campus. Thinking of how much excitement is happening in the world, it seems impossible to be connected to all the potential happenings around us without the use of technology, and social apps such as DoubleDouble. So, get out there and unlock your fun-potential and go enjoy! (Carpe diem and all that fun stuff).