Braving the New England Winter: Date Ideas for the Great East

As the work week draws to a close and we begin to shift our eyes towards the weekend, it becomes apparent that there is only have so much opportunity to use our free time. If you have a special someone in your life, give them a treat this weekend!

For those of us situated in New England, our potential for some great date ideas is limited by both the winter’s chill and the shortness of sunlight during the day.

In order to help you combat the frigid New England winter while having some fun, us here at Double Double have devised some great daytime and evening date ideas. Bundle up, and go let loose this weekend!

1. Snow Tubing

    Snow tubing is for the adventurous type that don’t mind potentially getting some snow down their pants. By mid-december, most ski resorts that offer tubing are in service. It’s great to let loose and slide down a mountain on an inner tube; this is shown by the popularity of snow tubing in New England. Some mountains even offer night tubing, which is a must for those looking for a late night thrill!

2. Ice Skating

    Before you grab some skates and head to the rink, beware! Ice Skating takes a bit of a learning curve, and can be injury prone. However, once one masters the basics of ice skating, there is nothing more relaxing and romantic than zooming around some frozen ice with that special someone. If you don’t own ice skates, worry no more! Most public ice skating facilities have their own skate rentals.

3. Skiing

    Although the conditions are not quite comparable to those out West, New England skiing comes with its large share of thrills and enjoyments. Ski mountains such as Loon, Attitash, Sugarbush, and Sugarloaf offer ski rentals and discounted ski tickets for many. That being said, check the conditions before heading to the slopes; the cold and icy slopes can be a deal breaker for many.

4. Ice Caves

    The ice caves situated in Lincoln, New Hampshire are an attraction sought after by many in the general vicinity of New Hampshire. Tourists can walk around and admire majestic ice caves and sculptures illuminated in a variety of different ways. This is the perfect thing to do on a quiet Friday night!

5. Visit Mount Washington

    The highest and most dangerous peak in New England, to hike Mount Washington in the winter is not for the faint hearted. However, tourists can take the COG Railway to the top of the mountain and admire the weather observatory from the top. The views are spectacular and the museum is very well done; this stop is a must for any true New Englander!

New England is chock full of things to do and see; one just needs to do some looking around! Us here at Double Double like to do that looking for you. Check out some of these great date activities, and let us know how they go in the comments below!


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