Introducing a New "Double Double" to Canada

Here, in Canada, virtually everyone is familiar with the term "double double".  To be frank, Canadians tend to love this phrase simply because we are fuelled by caffeine and in Canada, a double double refers to a coffee with two creamers and two sugars.  A double double isn't quite my style when it comes to java so I am even more excited about the Double Double app that is emerging not only in Canada, but globally.

The Double Double app promotes virtually building your social groups and then expanding these social groups to the physical world.  The app matches you and your real-life friends with other pairs of connections based on your interests and personality traits.  It is a super easy way to find other users who have similar qualities to yourself and is a great way to build your social network.  This app is perfect for both the social butterfly, like myself, and for those who are reserved and are seeking a simple way to meet new people.

As a Canadian, there are endless opportunities for fun meet-ups once you have established a social group on Double Double.  Why not try iceskating or sledding with your new friends this winter?  If you're looking for more of a cozy, indoor hangout I highly recommend a coffee date or a board game night.  These are both perfect ways to get to know your new friends in a laid-back atmosphere.  Of course, these awesome group activities do not only pertain to those living in Canada.  I mean, who doesn't love laughing over a good game of Monopoly?  Like the Double Double app, such authentic fun is truly universal!

Sure, coffee gives us an energy boost, but only the Double Double app can boost the way that we socialize! Step aside double double coffee, the Double Double app has arrived and might just steal your thunder.