Decadent Dishes: The 30 Foot Pasta Noodle

We’ve all seen those famous movie scenes where a pair of lovers slurp the same spaghetti noodle, leading into the perfect kiss. Regardless of how cheesy (no pun intended) this romantic act looks, many can attest to the romance in the air as a couple devours this decadent dish.

At the newly opened northern italian spot Allora Ristorante in Midtown, the world of spaghetti has been flipped on its head. Chefs hand-roll a 30-foot-long noodle and twirl it into one big dish that feeds up to four people, which has to be eaten with a pair of scissors.

Instead of sharing a bowl of noodles, as with normal spaghetti, diners can split the singular noodle into as many portions as they want; the noodle doesn't even have to be split up!

Talk about the perfect noodle for that special someone.

The rustic dish, called “Maccheroni alla Mugnaia,” dates back to 14th century Abruzzo, Italy and translates to “Miller’s Wife Pasta.”

The use of kitchen sears, or the scissors used to cut the pasta actually come from an ancestry of cutlery; “By the Middle Ages, you’d find sturdy shears in most noblemen’s kitchens, used to cut poultry and other fowl,” says food historian Francine Segan. “There were even a type of thick scissors as nutcrackers and shellfish openers”.

New NYC restaurants like Allora Ristorante hope to bring this use of kitchen shears back into the world of cuisine. The shears are used for a variety of the restaurant’s dishes, which include pizza, steak, pork, and more!

For a price of $45, the Maccheroni alla Mugnaia is a filling and unique meal that can be enjoyed by up to four people; a fair price for such a dish!

Since its opening, Allora Ristorante has been a hit for Italian connoisseurs looking for beautifully crafted dishes.

If you love Italian, grab some friends and make the trek; the food is worth the journey!


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