A Foodie's Guide to Hanging Out with Friends



Although we each have unique interests, there is one passion that we all seem to have in common: a love for food.  Though it takes an extreme food-lover to classify themselves as a foodie, this trait can be a great way to connect new friends.  Once established in a group of foodie friends, there are so many exciting ways to socialize.  In this blog, I hope to share some creative hangout ideas for food fanatics everywhere.

The first food-based activity for a group of friends is to make DIY personal pizzas.  Not only is this idea delicious, but it also allows for you and your friends to get creative and messy in the kitchen.  Be sure to buy a variety of different toppings to ensure that this activity is enjoyable for everyone.  Making personal pizzas is a super fun way to pass time with your friends and to get to know their topping preferences! 

An ice-cream sundae social is another perfect hang out for food-obsessed friends.  All that will need for this activity is an array of different ice-cream flavours, sprinkles, fruit, and candy toppings, sundae sauces, and a touch of whipped cream.  Amp up your ice-cream sundae social by filling a jar with discussion topics and having guests draw topics to get conversation flowing.

If DIY events aren’t really your thing, why not invite your friends out for all-you-can-eat sushi?  With so many options for everyone, this hangout will not disappoint!  Let’s be honest, everyone is happiest with a full belly, and with endless amounts of sushi, you’re sure to be packed to the brim. 

If you’re looking for a classy night out with friends, this final idea is perfect for you.  Try heading to a tapas bar with your group of foodie friends.  While out for tapas you’ll enjoy delectable appetizers, accompanied by your favourite boozy beverages.  This fancy activity will make for a memory-filled night and gives you an excuse to swap your sweatpants for a dressy outfit.

What are you waiting for?  Woo your food-loving friends with one of these four scrumptious hangout ideas.  You might even get lucky and have some leftovers to polish-off the next day!