More Than Twins: Forming Harmony

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Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Janice and Sonia Lee are probably among the most marketable vocal duos in Australia, and on social media. Although they might not be well-known outside church circles, their twin chemistry did succeed: 2.1 million followers and over 300 million views on YouTube, 1.1 million followers on Facebook, 85k followers on Twitter.

The twins started their YouTube channel "Jayesslee" in 2008, by covering church songs in duo and has ever since been accumulating popularity. Their repertoire also expanded to include worldwide popular songs such as Mariah Carey's Hero, Maroon 5's Payphone and Psy's Gangnam Style. They're known for their sweet, soothing voices and their passion and love for pure music.

Jayesslee have long been courted by music labels but they prefer to keep doing their own music, as Janice Lee puts it, "be able to do our music and not change who we are and not change our character". In 2013, the twins made a YouTube announcement that both of them were pregnant, and though they have been inactive for about two to three years, they recently made a comeback on YouTube with their latest cover.