Why Your Tinder Game Isn't Working

All real men can attest to the power of the wingman in the pursuit of women; that extra joke and smile from your buddy can turn a dead conversation in the right direction. This tactic has been hailed by dating coaches forever, and for good reason too!

However, times are changing, with more and more people turning to the apps such as “Tinder” or “Hot or Not” in hopes of finding a potential lover. While it’s nice to see who and how many people have liked your profile picture, it is seemingly rare to hear of anyone actually meeting up for a Tinder date, interestingly enough. Without that confidence boost that only comes from a wingman, it appears that many guys have been unsuccessful going solo online. Thankfully, it seems that as our technology improves, so will our ability to meet and connect with new people.

The increasing popularity of anonymous group chats such as “Kik”, and “Omegle” have allowed more and more people to chat as groups and build relationships with one other. “Double Double”, an app scheduled to release within the next following months, has been rumored to change the stakes of online dating. The app first allows the user to choose a “wingmate” to chat alongside. The duo is then matched up with another group, where they can talk about a specific topic, or about anything! The app is designed to take away the awkwardness of a one-on-one conversation with the help of a friend, as meeting new people online can be tough.

Sometimes, that extra help from your partner is what is needed to bring a great end to an awesome night, even in the digital age of today. It seems that in art of chasing women, the wingman maneuver will always succeed.