5 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in the World

There’s just about a month to go before we come upon the most extravagant dating night of the year; Valentines Day. Us here at Double Double know that there are some eager young gentlemen ready to propose to their lovely lady or man, but doesn’t the night have to be perfect?


Here are a couple of the most romantic restaurants in the world; if you take your date to one of these places, there’s no way she won’t fall in love!


Clos Maggiore, London

Cited by many as London's most romantic restaurant, Clos Maggiore does not disappoint, with its lovely displays of cherry blossoms, a dreamy low-lit setting, and a warm, crackling fire. The food here is a delicacy, but don’t skip out on the wine; Clos Maggiore has a renowned collection of wines to choose from.

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Turtle Island, Fiji

The resort's restaurant offers the ultimate in intimate dining—a table for two on a lantern-lit wooden float in the middle of the Blue Lagoon. If she doesn’t say yes it looks like she’ll have to swim, right guys?

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One if By Land Two if By Sea, New York City

For the epitome of a wine and dine, spend an evening inside a transformed 18th-century carriage house! Located in New York City, the iconic restaurant serves a multi-course meal with elaborate selections.

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Tour d’Argent, Paris

This renowned French restaurant was founded in 1582, and centuries later, it still remains popular. The eatery even inspired scenes for Pixar's 2007 movie Ratatouille. The views of Notre Dame and the Seine River alone make the visit worthwhile. But then, you'll fall in love with Tour d'Argent's classic French cuisine (the specialty is pressed duck) and the wine cellar containing more than 450,000 bottles. Come for the food, but stay for the view!

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Ambrosia Restaurant: Santorini, Greece

Might want to save this one for the honeymoon. The Greek island is renowned for its towering cliffs, beautiful waters, and white village homes. Visit the Ambrosia Restaurant to see these stunning views while enjoying traditional Greek and Mediterranean meals of seafood selections, meat dishes, and vegetarian specialties. Spend some time there! Santorini is a place to die for.

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