Creative Double Dates: Not the Usual!

Even for the most creative of us, it seems hard to plan for a double date. What else is there to do besides a double dinner date, or going bowling as a group?

In our eyes here at Double Double, there is always something better you can be doing. In terms of double dating, we’ve got you covered! Here are some generic (but still fun) activities that you can do on your double dates; why not try to switch things up this Friday night?

Attend a Concert

A concert is a completely relaxed environment and a fantastic opportunity to let loose and enjoy a boogie to some live music; If you can settle on an act between the four of you, that is. It’s probably best to find out your date’s music taste before you go booking those tickets, but a great venue and a great group = an awesome night!

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To The Beach!

If you think of volleyball, Frisbee, drink coolers, and that inevitable moment someone leaves their shoes too close to the water and they are washed out to sea when you think of a fun date, the beach is the place for you. A warm evening on the sand will put anyone in a better mood, so why not? If you can’t get yourself to the ocean this time of year (or any), find a hot tub! That warm water will get the good vibes rolling.

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Road Trip!

Sometimes, the journey is often more exhilarating than the destination. Wake up early, load the car with goodies, pile inside with your date and your friends, and hit the road together – whether it’s a day excursion or a full vacation, the natural giddiness that arises from an imminent adventure is guaranteed to bring the smiles. Plus, its all up to you! As the trip coordinator, you can pick what you want to go see. Better get the “OK” from your significant other, though.

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When it comes to singing Karaoke, it usually takes a big push of confidence to take the stage. Either that, or the constant prodding by your friends that eventually wins over. It isn’t ever easy to take that stage, but it’s a whole lot easier having some friendly faces cheering you on from the back! It's all in good fun, anyway. If you want to take your group a bit out of their comfort zone, this one’s for you!

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Stand Up

Unlike karaoke, whether or not you get on stage depends entirely on you (and how many margaritas you’ve had). A comedy night is a great way to loosen everyone up and keep the conversation flowing: you can discuss which acts wowed and which crashed and burned, which helps get that pressure off your back at maintaining that lovely conversation with your significant other (or maybe your friend’s other half that you don't quite approve of).

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