It Takes Two

All of us that have had our fair share with long-term relationships can point to a time when they have blamed something on their partner, when in reality it was their own fault. It’s hard to be wrong, but hindsight can be 20/20 when it comes to relationships. Learning from those mistakes will help you develop an even stronger relationship with your next partner.

Our goal here at Double Double is not to overanalyze your recent heartbreak; chances are you’ve done enough yourself already. The important part to keep in mind is that it takes two. It takes two to tango, fall in love, get in fights, and eventually fall in love. You and your partner are part of a comprehensive duo; not every day is good, and everyone needs a shoulder to fall upon from time to time.

Here are some things to keep in mind in your current (or next) relationship. Although when it comes down to it life is your decision, but once you start blaming the world and work to improve things with others, a lot more happiness can come.

Everybody Has Bad Days

I’m sure you can remember your significant other being in a pissy mood, and it led to a fight. Or flip things; maybe that was you, and you couldn't realize that what you were pissy about was really just nothing at all. Everybody has bad days, its good to keep this in mind, and politely let your significant other know if they are being mean for no apparent reason.

Relationships Are a Long-Haul

If you aren't committed to a mature loving relationship, why are you reading this blog post? It is all too easy to take things day by day, or text by text with a significant other. By overthinking the little things, doubt can grow when there wasn’t any real reason for doubt in the first place. If you are getting worked up about something small, take a deep breath. Chances are your partner still is into you. Noting that things can come up and that not everything works perfectly is the first step to accommodating and working at your relationship for the long term.

What You Put In is What You Get Out

Everyone has heard of the instance of a girlfriend being upset by her boyfriend’s lack of response time or effort. I hate to break it to you guys; what you put in is what you put out. The less interest that you show, the less you will receive from her as time passes. This also goes for action; if you aren't willing to go out and have some fun with each other instead of staying in and watching TV, she will find someone that will. If you want your partner to give you love back, you gotta give some love too! Unless she plain isn't interested in you anymore, showing your love to your significant other will always result in a healthier, happier relationship for both sides.

No relationship is perfect; there are just too many variables to always stay happy with one another. What counts is the intent; it takes two, and if you aren't holding up your side of the deal, the contract might be ripped to shreds. The same applies if you put in all the effort in your relationship; you need someone that values and takes interest in you. If they aren't returning the favor, find someone who will. Chances are, you’ll be much more content with someone willing to put in the effort.