Why We Still Go Out to Watch Sports

With football being live broadcasted by tons and tons of stations every week, it’s all too easy to spend an evening (or day) watching the teams go at it. Still, every time the teams play on TV the stadium is packed; why do so many people go when it’s so much easier (let alone cheaper) to stay home? There’s just something about going; there's no way to put a word to it, but we’ve tried our best at coming up with some reasons why so many of us loving going to see a sports game.

Socializing and networking

Whether it’s the friends you brought along or the people seated next to you, sporting events bring people together. Often times it’s the common interest in (or hatred of) a team that starts the conversation, which is usually ignited by the rooting and booting that we all love to do. Even the simple joy of having a beer with a stranger! Whatever the reason, talk to any sports fan and you’re bound to hear a story or two about mid-game encounters with interesting folks.

Halftime shows

Who doesn’t enjoy a good halftime show? Not all are top notch, but a good halftime show engages the crowd and keeps them happy while the teams are resting up to butt heads during the second half.

Team spirit

All diehard sports fans are competitive by nature. When you put fans from opposing teams in the same stadium, there’s bound to be a ton of smack talk, and, of course, team camaraderie. This shared sense of pride and togetherness is why sports rivalries are so intense. When your team wins, the whole fan base is on top of the world.

Impressing someone

If you’re trying to impress someone, what better way than to take them out to a ballgame? For some, it’s that cute girl that you really want to like you. For others, it’s that big client that needs a good impression of you. Whichever, just make sure they aren’t rooting for the other team! Regardless, sporting events are a great way to take someone out and show them a good time.


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