5 Things to Do While You're Still Young

The other day I was thinking about this coming summer. More specifically, I was thinking about my upcoming twentieth birthday this summer.

To be honest, it’s weird thinking that in only a matter of months, my teenage years will be over.

I do completely feel like i’ve completed my transition into a fully capable adult. Nothing about my feels childlike, yet it still feels weird to let go of my last moments of childhood.

Feeling like an old man, I’ve come up with five things that I plan to do (and I hope you will to) to make the rest of my years worth living.


5. Stay Healthy

Whenever I was young my Dad would speak endlessly of his glory days, where he had a six pack, ran marathons, had all the women, and was killing it in the business world. I was out of shape in high school, and hearing my Dad rave about his glory days got me thinking. My Dad wasn’t in stellar shape now; but his fitness made his younger life all the better. If I had one time to be disciplined and in shape, this was it! I lost 40 pounds senior year. Now I’m a personal trainer and all around fitness enthusiast; life is better when your body is at its physical best.

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4. Document

Just like I’m writing now, I believe that everyone should document throughout your life. So many things and you as a person will change tenfold over the next couple of decades; it would be awesome to look back on it years from now. Whether it be art, writing, music, photography or videography, document!



3. Do Something Good With Your Money

Don’t lose all your money. Speaking from experience, it sucks when you’re out of funds and things go south. On the flip side, don’t save it all either. Money is a medium; it is better to spend a little and live life than to save every penny. Advice from a 19 year old, I know. But I believe life is balance, as long as you’re within your safety net.

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2. Take Risks

If you live too comfortably, life will be fine but I promise it could be better. Some of the greatest joys in life come from taking risks. On the flip side, some of the greatest personal change can occur through when taking a shot at something doesn’t pan out. In order to live, one must live existentially.

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1. Travel

On the point of living too comfortably, there is no apparent wrong in staying in the same region one’s entire life. But if possible, travel places! There is so much to the world, be it culture, geography, custom, that is different than yours and is worth experiencing. So many people were born into different lives than you, why not try to see what it’s like to be living somewhere else! Travelling is always an experience worth having, all in all.

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