3 Hangout Ideas for Quirky Kids



Are you bored of conventional movie nights and trips to your local mall?  Do you want to hangout with you friends in more Instagram-worthy setting?  We've got some unique inspo for you!  Impress your friends at your next hangout by taking them to one of these quirky locations.

A Museum: Whether you're into art or ancient history, a museum is sure to be an educational and fun way to pass your time.  Learn about your friends' points of view through their art interpretations or play around in interactive exhibits.  The best part?  Most art galleries and museum exhibits are rather reasonably-priced so they're totally student-budget friendly. 

An Escape Room: This idea is perfect for adventure-seekers and puzzle-lovers alike.  Escape rooms are a great way to bond with new friends and will help you to build teamwork skills in the meantime.  You're sure to be laughing while struggling to solve puzzles in a time crunch.  Hope you can escape before it's too late!

Antique Market: If you like to deviate from trends, an antique market would be the perfect destination for you and your friends.  You'll sort through heaps of collectables and pre-loved items with your best friends.  Who knows?  You might just score a treasure!

Being basic can be so boring!  Next time you're going out with friends skip your go-to plans and try out one of these eccentirc options.  They have so much unexpected fun in store!