Perks of Having a Best Friend

Even the most introverted of us cling on to a friend or group of friends closely; it seems that us humans were made to have some social interaction. There are just some things about spending time with your best friend that you can't get anywhere else. Here are some reasons why having a best friend can make all the difference in your life:

  • They bring up inside jokes from when you were ten that still don’t fail to make you laugh.

    Some of the best laughs can be had with a best friend; you understand one another better than anyone else, so everything is funny together.


  • You know that you can do anything in front of them without an ounce of judgment.

    There is no shame when you two split a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, or any splurge meal that you happen to be craving in that moment of need. There’s no judging when you’re having fun with a best friend.


  • They make you go to the gym the next morning even though you’d rather just eat more ice cream.

    A good best friend will stay on track with you while also letting loose by your side. Best friends push one another to make each other better.


  • They tell you when you are being stupid.

    This is better for you in the end. One of the great qualities of a best friend is that they are completely honest. If you should be doing something otherwise, they’ll give you the outside perspective you need.


  • When you don’t feel like being social they will literally sit on the couch and do nothing with you and it ends up being better than going out.

    It doesn’t matter what you and your best friend are doing. Even if you’re bored together, it’s better to be in one another’s company.


  • If you two are long distance friends, they still make your day with the random texts that make you laugh out loud in class.

    Any best friend will always be there for you, no matter how far away you are from one another.


  • They will drop whatever they’re doing at any time of the day if you need help.

    Best friends are always there for one another, no matter the sacrifices or circumstances.


  • At the end of the day they bring the best out in you and continually prove why they’re your best friend.

    A best friend is a true best friend because you know they’re there for you.