Road Trip Tips


        When travelling long distances, or 'on the road', it’s common to want to stop frequently on the way to your destination. Whether you’re going to a concert, a show, or even on an adventure! – everyone could use an extra hand (or pillow) on the way.


        I recently went on a road trip to San Francisco from San Diego and kept wanting to stop at the  nearest Marriott to rest, stretch my legs, or even jump in the pool. Honestly, I didn’t mind extending my trip by an extra night or two, BUT! I realized I was just succumbing to the pressures of… boredom.


        Along the way, I thought of an idea. Since I was headed up to San Francisco so I could go see the Redwood trees, I figured there were other people looking to do the same thing. It was during a time where school was about to start, but winter break was still in session.


        When driving, picking people up (not hitchhikers since it’s banned in 53 ½ states) could be very helpful, and perhaps fun to meet new friends and share a new experience with them. But where could I meet such wonderful, fun, exciting people? Most likely, you would be turned off to meeting up with wanderlusting passengers from Craigslist, and wouldn't want to bring a Tinder date on a trip with your boyfriend or girlfriend, so... where could you go?


        DoubleDouble! This idea could be one of a potential million trillion ways to utilize the application, and to expand your social group and life experiences. Does your car have room for one or two more? More the merrier! Right? Download the app now and see how it could improve your life in any way you could hope for.