5 Facts About Conjoined Twins

Those who have heard about the famously conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel are usually pretty impressed; these conjoined twins can function just like a normal adult. Working together, they can walk, swim, bike, and even drive a car!

Stories like these are cool, but we never seem to see many conjoined twins walking around.

Identical twins are pretty rare, and because of this, they have some cool fun facts! Us here at Double Double have found some for you:


5. Conjoined twins are always identical twins,

This also means they are the same sex. They are developed from one fertilized egg which doesn’t complete the split.

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4. Conjoined (aka Siamese) twins are a very rare complication with identical twin pregnancies.

Occurring in about 1 in every 200,000 pregnancies. There is a very unlikely chance that you or someone you know will have conjoined kids that make it to adulthood.

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3. It is 70% more likely that conjoined twins will be female.

Female babies are much stronger than male babies. Although males twins are more likely to conjoin, the female sets are more likely to survive.

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2. There is no documentation to suggest conjoined triplets or more have ever existed.

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The possibility of a parasitic twin along with conjoined would be more likely, but this has not been documented either.

1. About 50% of conjoined (siamese) twins are stillborn.

Furthermore, only 35%  survive for the first 24 hours. In total, 5 – 25% of all will survive.

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