Why Two Dogs are Better Than One

It's pretty common to have a friend or two that has both a cat and a dog, while claiming to be more of a dog person. If so, then why not get two dogs? As an owner of two furry beasts, I can attest that ownership of two dogs over one dog makes dog ownership more enjoyable and beneficial for you. If your furry friend is lonely, get him or her a companion!

Dogs are pack animals.

It’s true that humans are dog’s best friend, but most humans spend half of their waking time at work. Solo dogs are often left to pace in yards and dig at fences due to loneliness and boredom. Even worse, some people don’t even bring their lonely pup in the house when they do get home. Abnormal behaviors start to arise when a dog is lonely or largely ignored. However, if two dogs are left in a yard, they spend much of their time playing and napping together. Their instinct to travel in a pack is satiated, so that nervous digging and destroying behaviors are lessened; hoorah for the pet owner!  Imagine how you would feel if you were left in a yard by yourself all day?

An older dog can raise a puppy.

We know, puppy-training is not that fun. As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge to raise a dog by itself, it is a very time-intensive process. However, if there is an older dog there to show the new puppy the ropes, problem solved! By playing with and observing an older dog, the newer puppy will realize what to do and what not to do much faster than by soley hearing their owner’s orders and instruction

A pair of dogs is less needy.

When one of my two dogs passed away over the winter, the one left alive was visibly distraught; she became a different dog. She didn’t want us to leave her side; she followed me every time I stood up to go in an adjacent room; and, she hated going outside. A month ago, we brought home, Bobby, an eleven-week old German Shepherd mix, to give some new purpose to my harrowed pet. Now, other than being tired from outside puppy care, she has lost her separation anxiety. She seems much calmer in the home and seems to enjoy raising Bobby.

Two dogs are better security.

Two dogs are more imposing and they have each other for support when left alone to guard the house. Tired of hearing your dog bark his head off at any miscellaneous sound or movement? When two dogs are on the loose, there’s nothing to be worried about. They have each other’s back, so the two will only start barking if there’s an actual significant threat. Who couldn't use a bit more protection, anyway?

Two dogs are not that much more expensive.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “two dogs are twice the expense.” Believe me, I know that mantra. However, buy the discount care packages at local vet clinics and Pet Smart stores; it makes all the difference. For one lump sum a year, it is possible to get good vet care at a fraction of the cost. Mixed breeds are less susceptible to health issues because they are not in-bred by breeders. If you are committed to giving your pets a full life of care, love and attention, it is not as much of an extra burden to have a second pet as you would think. Obviously, if you are in no position to give your best, then no dogs are better than two. However through experience of ownership of two dogs, I believe that the benefits outweigh the rewards.

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