5 Reasons Why Dog is Man's Best Friend

We all love our dogs and our dogs love us back; but what makes dogs so special to us? There are a plethora of reasons, but here are just a few that we've come up with. Sorry cat lovers, today just isn't quite your day.


They’re (almost) Always Happy With You

Unlike our human counterparts, your pet dog will always be happy to see your face. Matter of fact, it's hard to get that tail to stop wagging! As long as you give them some food when they’re hungry and love when they need it, puppy love is endless. Bet you can’t say quite as much about your best friend. Even on their worst days, a dog will always try to turn your mental state in the right direction. Many times, it does the trick!

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Mini Dishwashers

Have you ever had a friend offer to wash and put away the dishes for no reason at all? Me neither. However, I have something better; a portable dishwashing machine. Dogs love to get their paws on every morsel of food they can imagine, including your leftover plate. Give the grub to the dog! I promise you that both parties will be happy at the end; just don't bring out the chocolate!

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Dinner Date Partner

Who wants to eat alone? Sure it’s nice sometimes, but even as an introvert I’ll admit to liking a nice dinner with other people (only if I enjoy their company of course). Well, fear not, because if you have a dog you’ll always have company for dinner. Of course, they’ll be sitting by your knee, panting in your face, asking for your food, but it’s company all the same!  After you’ve had a dog, it’s difficult to eat without the incessant barking in the background anyways.


Get Away With Anything

Dog’s have some pretty bad short term memories; that means you can mess with their tail, play keep away with their food, and tug on their ears to your heart’s content, even if it annoys them. You get to have your fun, and your dog will still treat you like their best bud within a couple minutes! It’s truly one of the only win-win scenarios in life. On the flip side, dogs seem to remember the big things. Show up an hour late, and they won’t stop barking till you pet them silly!

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Dogs Are Smart!

Intelligence varies depending on the kind of breed you get, but overall, dogs are some of the most intuitive animals around. This is demonstrated by their multiple facial expressions, their ability to deviously hide toys in the strangest of places, and more. When you’re having a bad day, a dog will snuggle up with you and make you feel better. When things are good, they’ll wag their tail for days! Dogs are smart creatures, capable of perceiving and interpreting a lot. Probably smarter than some of your goonhead friends, right?


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