The Importance of Parenting

Unconditional love:

Parents are the only people from whom a child can expect unconditional love. Without them, he/she is unfulfilled in life; He/she becomes a loner and faces many hardships in life. This is something I have only begun to grasp recently, as some of my new friends don’t have parental figures, and to an extent I can see what they have never received; unconditional love. Since human beings are a social animals, love and care are the elements which we hold to be essential. Your parents are the people who share your happiness and sorrow equally. If you weep, they do, and if you laugh, they do. This bond through unconditional love is unique to parenting, and often goes unappreciated.

Financial support:

Many people have good or sufficient financial assistance only because of parents. This virtue helps them to perceive education and other hobbies without a worry or having to work for making a living. This financial support also puts them ahead in the start up concerning business or position in the companies. Furthermore, money conscious parents will instruct you how to enjoy life while still staying within the financial boundaries. Knowing how and where to spend your money is important, and it is much easier to learn from your parents than by running out of funds in your account.

Moral support:

Parents give unconditional moral support to their child in case of failure; this is a huge factor in one’s self esteem during development. When life gets tough (which it does), having parents beside you is a great boon. They provide immediate moral support and strength to tackle the situation. They are the people whom can console you and put back into life. I have also perceived through recent experience that many kids who do not have parents are a bit depressed in life; they have none to share their sorrow and achievements with. If these individuals had caring adults that were interested in their development as a young adult, chances are that these individuals would have a greater sense of agency and hope for success in their lives.

Family support:

The importance of parents, especially during youth development, is having a structure to fall back on. Growing up is filled with it’s fair share of failures and successes, and sometimes life can be too much to bear for one person. At these times, it is a blessing to have a loving family that cares and is there to help. Many without parents feel lost in the world; this is because the familial support system creates a framework of help, instead of carelessness.

Involvement in success:

Parents are there to guide you in the  right direction. They teach you the value of discipline and relationships, and of how to conduct yourself in the best way possible.I know for certain that if I garner success in my life, I can attribute it to the amazing care of my parents..  If one tries to check the personal life stories of successful people, they can realize the extent to which their parents helped them climb the ladder of success. To have someone pushing for you but also expecting a certain level of performance is stressful, but it drives the most out of you. If your parents don’t care about our success, how much will you care about yours either?

The importance of parent involvement:

Educated parents help their children in moving in right direction in their career. They understand the child strengths and weaknesses and guide him on the right path. They also assist in solving homework and encouraging extra-curricular skills, exposing their child to new joys and challenges. If there is one thing to be said about the importance of parenting, it is that they are there for you. Having involved parents can give the direction one needs to turn themselves onto the wrong path, no matter how far gone they are.