Studying Alone or in Groups: Which is Better?

When investigating whether or not communicative, or group study is beneficial to learning and development, most people to tend to differ to the “it depends on the person” argument. This stands true; everyone learns differently, some preferring social stimulation while others requiring complete solitude.

Regardless of your personal studying preferences, us here at DoubleDouble have devised some generic pros and cons to group studying. Check it out, and let us know what you think! Who knows, you may even even adopt some new study habits!


Pros of Group Studying:


  • The Spread of Ideas

    • Chances are, your study partner might know a thing or two that you don’t! The same works vice versa. Sometimes the explanation of a concept by someone other than your professor can make things make more sense. If you can’t seem to understand something, asking a knowledgeable friend always helps!

  • Motivation

    • We’ve all suffered through those bouts of no motivation to study. So what do you do, study or turn on Netflix? If you chose the latter, a good motivated study partner can help you keep on studying; even when you really can’t stand it anymore.

  • Teaching Leads to Learning

    • When you teach what you already know to someone, the work just sinks in a little deeper for you. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times from your teachers, but it works! Explaining that difficult concept in a comprehensible manner to a friend will help engrain it in your brain

  • Get Off Your Phone

    • When studying by yourself, it is too easy to pick up the phone and start to procrastinate. However, when you have an attentive study partner that keeps you on task, you might find it really increases productivity!


Cons of Group Studying:


  • Over Socializing

    • When studying with a good friend, it is pretty easy to lead the conversation off topic. Without controlled socialization, the day can fly by and you won’t have accomplished anything!

  • Not Challenging One Another

    • Things can look pretty good when both you and your partner know most of the information. However, stop focusing on that easy stuff! Learning is about figuring out the hard stuff. If you guys hammer in the easy stuff, what good does it do?

  • Dragging Each Other Down

    • If you are aiming for 80% and your friend aims for just a 50%, they will drag you down to their level with their lack of willpower. You both have to have the same goals in mind to get the best out of your study sessions. If not, chances are your partner is gonna start  distracting you and taking you away from what you should be doing.

  • Bad Vibes

    • If you and your partner don’t get along, why are you studying together? Frustration during an extended period of studying can lead to irritability and arguing, which takes away from the learning process. If you and your partner don’t click, find one that does!

The verdict has still not come out yet for which type of studying is more beneficial to the learning process. We hope this helps, so that you can find out what type of studying works the best for you!