Top 5 Board Games For Family Game Night

5. Clue

Be a sleuth in your own house with this murder guessing game!  This strategic game uses hints and elimination to narrow down who killed who, with what weapon, and in what room of the house. This game is full of suspense and will keep you on your toes as you are becoming Sherlock Holmes in your own living room.

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4. Risk

Risk is a game as complex as you make it. The object is to capture and claim 42 territories. many say it's all about luck due to the dice and the cards at the beginning of the game, but those people are actually oblivious to how much strategy you have to integrate into your gameplay. The board resembles a 1980’s representation of the world, making it even more immersive! Although Risk can result in some family feuding, it is definitely worth a try!

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3. Life

This game is a look into your future; a future where you get handed things you didn't ask for in life (both good and bad) while accrediting the good things that you worked hard for. Within the game of Life, the player has to pay their bills, earn a salary, and even have a house and children (if you choose). Winning the game of life involves making it all the way to the end of the board first with as much money as you can. There is no telling what cards you will draw, and if you happen to get an unlucky one, your run at the good life might be over!

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2. Chess

The well known classic, chess has stayed prevalent to this day because it is the epitome of the strategy board game. This game has quite a steep learning curve, but once you learn the basics you can play with others using the handicap system. Chess is incredibly immersive and is a great way to challenge yourself against someone else, grab a set today!

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1. Monopoly

It is quite unsurprising that Monopoly was able to position itself as first on this list; this well known classic is the perfect family board game. The object of Monopoly is become the wealthiest player by buying, selling, trading and collecting rent on properties. You can also go to jail, and even lose all your money in one foul swoop! With the dynamics changing at every roll of the die, this game can stay enjoyable for hours on end. Want to monopolize your family to do your chores? Place a bet, and play to win!

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