5 Mouth Watering Meals to Make You Want to Eat Now

5. The Double Southern Bell

At 16 inches tall, this next-level burger creation features a whole pound of beef and no fewer than six fried green tomatoes, all covered by gooey melted pimento cheese.

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4. The Titan Cheesecake

Built with plenty of gooey provolone cheese and a bright coleslaw, the Titan Cheesesteak from Piranha's is a full 12 inches tall, thanks in part to the six-pound mound of beef on the bottom of the sandwich and a blanket of crispy fries right on top.

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3. Pepperfire Hot Chicken

This dish from Pepperfire Hot Chicken surely delivers on heat — plus a bit of sweet. The monstrous meal combines spice-bathed fried chicken, battered, fried pepperjack cheese sandwiches and tender, syrupy apples to create a memorable mash-up.

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2. The Greek Feast

Offering up to 10 servings, the 17-pound Greek Feast from Bellevue Diner is just that: the ultimate in Mediterranean masterpieces. Here layers of chicken, fresh vegetables and, of course, a generous dollop of a yogurt-based tzatziki sauce come together on a golden pita to create a delicious but filling dish.

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1. Bubbie's Belly Buster

Tipping the scales at a whopping 10 pounds, the Bubbie's Belly Buster brings together classic deli delights — think brisket and latkes — to create a 14-inch-wide sandwich monster. The succulent brisket is made especially juicy with a gravy from the drippings, while a topping of Monterey Jack cheese (14 slices to be exact!) adds a rich, creamy bite.

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