Fun In the Sun (Or Blizzard)

        Over the weekend, I met up with a friend in Carlsbad, San Diego to catch up and have a fun day at the beach and in town. After we got food and walked along the coast, we realized that we didn’t have any clue what else to do. I was planning on leaving San Diego to drive to Los Angeles that night, but it was only 4:00 p.m. and traffic was going to be rough until 7:00 p.m. anyways. So, we had already eaten, walked the beach, caught up, but we still had energy, and time to do something else- though we had no idea of what else to do that would excite us. We had the energy and time to do something fun, but didn’t have a clue what we wanted to do with ourselves. We just knew that drinking coffee at Starbucks and sitting around wasn’t going to cut it. We’re both fun guys, my friend and I, but lately I guess we’ve been busy and out of touch with ‘the happenings’ of San Diego.

         Over the Christmas break from work and school, I was brainstorming on how the app DoubleDouble would apply to a person of my demographic; a 21-25 year old male who has a full-time job, goes to school, but still has time to ‘go out’ and try new things in my city. Up until the point in which I’m describing, of not knowing what to do in such a vibrant city, not being able to feel the pulse of the thriving and beautiful San Diego, I realized I was in the exact situation that using DoubleDouble would benefit me had I used the app.

        While the weather in California lately has gotten a bit cold, where locals have been wearing extra layers and have tended to been staying inside more lately, I’m reminded by my family in New York who’re bearing through temperature highs of 5 degrees (F) waiting for snow to melt to be able to go outside and seize the day. At least in California when it’s “cold”, we can order Thai food that's delivered to our house or apartment and cuddle on the couch to the new season of Black Mirror. Though, in New York, there is no food delivery because there’s too much snow, and no Netflix half the day because power-lines are being damaged by the blizzard there.

        So! What does this mean for you? Put on a pair of joggers, a light sweatshirt and beanie, and head to the beach. It’s still “Sunny California” after-all! Check out DoubleDouble, match up with other friend groups and put your heads together to make some fun, new alternative plans and go enjoy new experiences that you wouldn’t have thought to do on your own. Or, maybe you and your one friend are those bold-cold-loving Californians who are still looking to play beach-volleyball but are looking for another group of two to play with! Either way, change it up, think outside the box, let loose and enjoy.

        Whether you don't know what to do but have the time and energy, or just don't have enough people in your group to play some beach-volleyball, DoubleDouble can still help improve your social life. Do you know of anyone who could benefit from this app? Share this article and get ready to reap the benefits of DoubleDouble!