First Date Drinks: What to Choose?

Whether you like to admit it or not, first impressions are pretty important; escpecially when it comes to first dates. But have you ever thought about what your choice of drink has to say about you? According to a survey done at Crave, your drink choice during a first date can make or break the date! Here are some of the best “first date drinks” that we’ve come up with. Just don’t sip too much, that makes an impression too!

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1. Wine

Both gents and ladies alike have defaulted to wine as their go-to first date drink. A nice glass of wine for a first date can show some of your sophistication, and fine taste. Although more prevalent for women, men can sip as they like as well!

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2.  Craft Beer

If you’re a manly man, default to your favorite craft beer for a first date. Not only is it a conversation starter, but women like when men order craft beer. That fact doesn’t seem to change as they age, remaining the most attractive drink order for almost 1/3 of those surveyed from age 21 to age 70.

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3. Water/ No Alchohol

Nothing makes a women more enticed than a man who invites her out for drinks, but abstains from alchohol himself. If you need to take the edge off, indulge. But if not, do your thing sober!

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4. Mixed Drinks

Even more popular than top-shelf liquor are mixed drinks, both for men and women. However, beware of bright, sugary, colorful drinks if you’re a guy; 49% of women find this unnattractive.

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5. Top Shelf Liquor

Old men, this should be your drink of choice. After age 60, respondents find men who order top-shelf liquor as more attractive than they do craft beer drinkers (33.3% to 26.7%, respectively). Most respondants couldn't pinpoint a reason why; regardless, it seems to be working, so pour up!

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