Have Fun with DoubleDouble in LA :D

Exciting news! While our engineering team is busy working on DoubleDouble Ver.2, our marketing team is planing something big - a gorgeous party in the center of LA! We'll celebrate the launch of a brand new DD and the takeoff of next-generation social networking, and we'd love your attentions!

Spoilers below:

- This will be an exclusive, VIP party in the Hollywood neighborhood with loooooots of celebrities;

- And a limited number of spots are available for general admission, so take your chances!

- There'll be new, cool ways of socializing and networking introduced by DoubleDouble;

- Booze will be offered;

- Get a chance to be the Star of the night just by enjoying yourself and savoring the party. Sounds crazy? It's gonna happen!

The party is scheduled in early January 2018, and more details are to be updated. Stay tuned on Doublog, and on all our social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Youtube).

If you're in LA, interested in connecting with the celebrities, or passionate about social networking apps, or simply want to have fun... then we believe this is definitely for you.

Prepare to get Doubled!


Team DD